The love connection


I had a conversation with a friend this week which nearly went awry. Mostly because he ascribed everything that had happened and was happening around him – and I guess to him also, implicitly – to “good luck” or “bad luck”.  It sounded like a dead end to me. And yeah, I noticed how that triggered a strong reaction in me. It even disrupted me for part of the day and that bothered me even more. I mean, how on earth could I live and enjoy my life, if everything was due to “good luck” or “bad luck”? It would be like playing the Russian roulette each day, I guess – ok, yeah I know, well, I do like to be dramatic once in a while….

So, I told him that I didn’t believe in luck. Only in conscious choice-making.

Of course, with conscious choice-making comes a high level of personal responsibility. And that is what, in my experience many of us – me included – prefer to shy away from, when we can. It’s always easier to blame something else or someone else than to try to learn from our mistakes or from the traumas and dramas of our lives.  For me, it’s all about choosing consciously. And not leaving it to “luck”. And to nurture the belief that each choice, however painful it turns out to be, comes with silver linings – even if it takes a while to see or find them.

I have recently become aware that I have developed a concern, ok, I’ll admit it, a real FEAR of falling into a sinkhole – I can see you smiling, check out these Google images and I guarantee you won’t be smiling long. These seem to be popping up in the news on a regular basis everywhere in the world – including not very far from where I currently live – and they’ve become quite prominent in my awareness. I know, it’s irrational. And completely unpredictable. And well, maybe having a sinkhole suddenly emerging on your doorstep – or worse – is a stroke of “bad luck”?

The point is I can’t really do much about it, if it happens. If I survive, all I can do is choose how I respond to the event. I may decide that, maybe, it is something I can learn from, grow from – ok, maybe after a lot of screaming and/or crying too. In my experience, if you believe your life is “on schedule” and you’ve got long-term plans in place, you’re bound to be in for a few surprises. Some nice surprises, and well, some unpleasant ones too – you’re likely to come across some life sinkholes on the way. And the latter are bound to disrupt your carefully designed plans for the rest of your life. And maybe a life sinkhole should be welcome because of the disruption it brings in what is often a very well ordered, and maybe, as a result, unfulfilled life.

So, I’m not sure all this – even sinkholes – have anything to do with “good luck” or “bad luck”.

My sense is that it has more to do with how connected I am with what is needed from me, with how I source the response to what life brings me or is asking of me.

And well, all I can think of is the connection to the love in me. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a religious statement. It is what I feel, and sense. It is what helps me intuit at times of confusion and errance. Without love, I have no peace. Love brings kindness and gentleness, understanding and care, compassion and service. It has also helped nurture forgiveness – for myself as much as for others -, at the worst possible times in my life. It’s the love connection that helps me thrive each day, and guides me in my conscious choices, daily. Not luck.

I guess, without love, there is only the possibility of luck, of good luck and of bad luck. And maybe a life without a love connection is bad luck – yeah, I’m smiling.

And, every day, I only need to open the door to get connected… I make that conscious choice, however hard – or maybe brave – it may sometimes be.

So, how connected are you to what life is really needing from you? Or are you just hoping for better luck?

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