What I marvelled at today

So, yes, I am starting again. After an interruption of nine months or what, I realise, I might now regard as a ‘pregnant’ pause. The duration is clearly symbolic and the image of pregnancy most relevant – although I have clearly passed that possibility physically! Ha ha. No, I will not be a Janet Jackson follower!

And it’s good to be writing again. I have missed it. I have missed talking to the other, you, the ether, whatever is out there – MI5, CIA, colleagues, friends, strangers and all those connecting, universal sounds I hear once in a while.

The idea came to me yesterday. I don’t know why as I had not thought about continuing or starting a blog again after the couple of social media experiments of the last few years. I was on my way to town and had decided to walk down the hill to the station. And I noticed that tree that was so gloriously huge, sitting innocently in that garden on the way down. It felt so good to see it, and I found myself marvelling at its casual way of being so regal. Then, I continued noticing: people working together on a new fence with a shared focus and commitment, the smile of a young Muslim man packing rubbish away from his van thanking me for walking around it, the names of the two busses that passed me going down the hill – one was called ‘Peter’ and the other ‘Fred’ – and the smile of the Asian woman climbing up the stairs with difficulty, as our gazes crossed in that little, dirty and sombre, urban gully leading to the station car park. I wished I had taken a picture each time, from the moment I saw that tree – to share and rejoice with others. And, then, I kept noticing as I was walking. And it created an ever growing sense of wonder that filled me with peace and well, I am actually weary of using the word but I will, joy.

That’s when I thought, wow, there is something to marvel at every day. When I am open, when I listen and when I pay attention. When I simply commit to notice, to being with the present, with what life is bringing me, from moment to moment. Most of the time, it’s good, and beautiful, even if sometimes it also seems hard, and painful – at least in parts. I guess the nature of life is one based on paradoxes.

So, this morning, I wasn’t surprised when something bright and yellow started waving at me in the corner of my eye. I had settled on my sofa with coffee and toast and had been doing my early morning e-mails. I knew that the sun was going to rise based on what I had seen in the sky out of my bedroom window earlier on. I was engrossed in the composing of a thoughtful and caring response to a coachee, when I suddenly noticed that the sun had finally reached the point in its ascent where it hits the left-hand side of the fireplace in my living room. The thing is, it wasn’t just sunny outside, it was also windy, quite windy. And I found myself marvelling at the dancing shadows on the wall, the shadows of the leaves from the rose bush and the tree standing between the sun and my window. I saw them, marvelled at them, and thought, this is it. I’ve got to share what I marvel at each day.

What did you marvel at today?

One Comment on “What I marvelled at today

  1. Welcome back, Caroline, you and your musing has been missed.

    I marvelled today at my daughter, no longer the little girl any more, but a grown up woman, with views, opinions, questions and a growing sense of self. Caused me to feel pride in my heart.


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