What I marvelled at today 2

I did ask myself yesterday whether I would be able to find something to marvel at every day… It’s all very well to decide to start a new ritual, one has to embed it in one’s life carefully! And that takes attention, time and commitment. And…I am realising that finding something good, pleasing and, even, wonder-ful is relatively easy when one approaches life’s mountain from this specific side. The positive side.

So, success here requires a plan, and especially, a firmed intention.

What I also realised yesterday is how much our current world is in need of attention, hope, positivity, appreciation and  well, good care. More of us seem to be drowning in tumultuous and fast currents with little time to slow down, breathe and take stock on the river side. And well, marvel at how beautifully easily the river flows, whether we are in it or not!

I’m lucky. I was working at my home office today. And I noticed, as always, that I am much more productive when I am positive or nurture positive responses to whatever kind of call, e-mail or visit I receive. It changes everything. And it mostly changes the response I get in return. It doesn’t matter how steep the mountain to climb ahead is, it always turns out to be easier and much more pleasurable than initially thought when the climb is initiated in a collaborative spirit and from a positive, supportive and constructive mindset.

river flow

What did you marvel at today?

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